The soccer tournament began 29 years ago as the Eibergen Police Tournament with participants being invited from police forces in the surrounding area. In the beginning only Dutch and German Teams from the neighborhood of Eibergen participated.


In 1993 many more teams from dierent countries were invited to take part. This was made possible by the building of a second sport hall in Eibergen. That year the Tournament got the name ‘European World Police Indoor Soccer’. This name had to be changed after two years because then the rst team from the USA took part.


In 1995 the name became World Police Indoor Soccer. This name was even more honored when teams from Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Paraguay, Aruba, Curacao and Brazil took part in the tournament. In the beginning the organization consisted only of policemen from Eibergen. Now police from the whole region and also civilians are involved. The current situation is that the tournament has grown to the biggest of its kind. At the time of the tournament 2900 colleagues from all over the World are guests in Eibergen and Groenlo. After the Police World and Fire Games the World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament is the biggest police event in the World. The tournament has 3 competitions: men’s, women’s and men’s 35+.

The Winners

1993 Police Leiden, Netherlands.
1994 Police Barcelona, Spain
1995 Police Utrecht, Netherlands.
1996 Police St. Petersburg, Russia.
1997 Police National Selection of Brazil
1998 Police St. Petersburg, Russia.
1999 Police Riga, Latvia
2000 Police Riga, Latvia
2001 Police Riga, Latvia
2002 Police Moscow, Russia
2003 Police Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro
2004 Police St. Petersburg, Russia
2005 Police Rostov Don, Russia (M) & Kmar, The Netherlands (W)
2006 Police St. Petersburg, Russia (M), Kmar, The Netherlands (W) & Zagreb, Croatia, (M35+)
2007 Police St. Petersburg, Russia (M), Bundespolizei, Germany (W) & Moscow, Russia (M35+)
2008 Police St. Petersburg, Russia (M), French national team (W) & St. Petersburg, Russia. (M35+)
2009 Police Madrid, Spain (M), French national team (W) & Police St. Petersburg, Russia (M35+)
2010 Police Saint Petersburg, Russia (M), Prague, Czech Republic (W) & Police Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina (M35+)


The following countries are regular participants in the World Peace Indoor Soccer Tournament: Brazil, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Luxem- bourg, Switzerland, Iraq, Macedonia, Northern Ireland, Austria, Faroer Islands, Gibraltar, Poland, Finland, Hungary, Republic Srpska, Slovenia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Tsjech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Iceland, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Paraguay, Surinam, Saudi Arabia, Monaco, Qatar, Aruba, Curacao, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro, Portugal, Malta and Bermuda, Moldavia.