Dear WPIST  participants and supporters,

It’s about time too, as we are now well on our way to preparing for the 2021  tournament, after a fantastic (37th) sunny & warm tournament in October 2019.

I think back to the past 38 years, during which we organised the W.P.I.S.T. We welcomed visitors from as many as 80 different countries during those years. Both we and our guests have certainly provided proof during our WPIST tournaments of the fact that sport brings people together. The entire world should take this as an example.

We welcome approximately 3.000 guests from an average of 50 countries every year. It’s wonderful to see the participants enjoy the fantastic atmosphere. The sportsmanship, the friendships, the respect for each other’s standards and values, are all fantastic.

We will be organising the 389th W.P.I.S.T. together with our team in October 2021 and I am incredibly proud of the fact the letters W.P.I.S.T. now stand for; World Peace Indoor Soccer Tournament.

The tournament has now developed into an event, which is also accessible to people who work on the safety and freedom of others. This includes; Fire fighters, Customs Officers, Military personnel, Tax Officers, personnel of the Ministry of Interior and state, provincial or municipal employees and staff  from the various ministries, military personnel, first responders personnel, civil servants, and other government personnel. The police certainly can’t function optimally without the support of these professional groups. We need each other.

My team and I hope the W.P.I.S.T. to be held during the week from 4th to 8th October 2021, will once again turn into a fantastic event. An event during which respect for each other’s standards and values will be high on the list of priorities again. An event where sportsmanship and friendship will guarantee to bring people closer together.

A closeness which is guaranteed in our name; W.P.I.S.T.
World Peace Indoor Soccer Tournament

I look forward to seeing you all in October 2021.


With Kind Regards,
Hans Emde

Chairman of the foundation World Peace Indoor Soccer Tournament Eibergen.



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