Dear WPIST 2018 participants and supporters,

I am writing this preface at the end of November 2017.

It’s about time too, as we are now well on our way to preparing for the 2018 tournament, after a fantastic (35th) anniversary tournament in October 2017.

The sports halls are being booked.
The initial meetings with the Marveld Recreation board have already been conducted.
Volunteers, referees and physiotherapists have all been approached again.

And all that whilst we still need to evaluate the 2017 tournament.

Well, evaluate ...
We will often discuss matters which didn’t go quite so well and how we could prevent this from happening again next year. So you make changes to the scripts and enter into new agreements. We have certainly amended and adjusted quite a few scripts in the 35 years we have been organising this tournament, which has resulted in an absolute top quality organisation of the event.

But by far the most important thing is that we have successfully been able to put together a fantastic organisation team. This team is completely made up of volunteers, who organise a truly unique week, both for you and together with you.
A week which will see 2500 participants from 50 different countries come together in the fantastic Marveld recreational park in Groenlo.
A week during which you will be in the global spotlight.
A week during which friendship and sportsmanship are of paramount importance.
Many teams have already registered again for the 2018 tournament via the pre-booking form. That’s absolutely fantastic.

You can choose from 6 different accommodations within the Marveld recreational park in Groenlo. You can find a detailed description of this accommodation in this brochure and, of course, on our website.

The same applies again here; First come, first served.

Dear participants and supporters,
I hope to see you in October 2018,

With Kind Regards,
Hans Emde

Chairman of the foundation World Peace Indoor Soccer Tournament Eibergen.



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