When should I’ll be there?

Most teams will arrive on Thursday, 3rd through Monday, 7th of October 2019.  But all teams are obliged to attend the opening ceremony on Monday 9th October.

Between 18.30 and 19.30h on Monday all teams should be present in the sports hall in Eibergen.

IMPORTANT: Teams arriving during the weekend please call us 1 hour before arriving at Marveld reception so we are prepared for your arrival. Call the phone number 0031-653333083. (Harry Engels).

  • If you do not book the weekend before, bungalows on Monday the 7th of October¬† are not available before 11.30h!
  • When arriving before 11.30h it's possible to have a coffee and snacks in the restaurant.
  • Please arrive on Monday the 7th of October before 15.30 h.This way you can attend the opening ceremonies.

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