What shall I do first when I arrive?

On arrival please report to the reception desk of Bungalow resort Marveld, Address Elshofweg 6, Groenlo. Even if your team is not staying on Marveld resort but in another resort or hotel you must report to the Marveld reception. Only the delegation leader or team captain are allowed to go inside the reception during the check in procedure! Of course you may bring an interpreter if necessary.

If you have prefered booking:
The preferred bookers will receive immediately when arriving:

  • Bungalow/ chalet keys.
  • Tournament schedule.
  • The tournament wrist band and participant/meal card.
  • Information package including tournament schedule.
  • Car/bus stickers.

After visiting the preferred booking office you may go and check in
immediately to your bungalow, chalet or hotel.

Teams with preferred booking follow the signs
“Preferred booking” and report at the preferred booking office!

Teams without prefered booking:
At the reception you:

  • Will have to pay for accommodation.
  • Receive your bungalow / chalet keys.
  • Receive the tournament wrist bands and participant/meal card.
  • Car/bus stickers. You are obligated to
    put the sticker on the windscreen of
    your car or bus.

After the Marveld reception you should go to the information office on the opposite side of the Marveld reception. This information office is situated above the bowling center. Here you will receive all information necessary for the tournament including the tournament schedule!! After visiting this office you may go to your bungalow, chalet or hotel unpack and settle in.

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