Tournament Programm

The tournament programm as it is at this stage

Wednesday 5 october 2022

  • Team arrivals

Thursday 6 october 2022

  • Team arrivals

Friday 7 october 2022

  • Team arrivals

Saturday 8 october 2022

  • Team arrivals

Sunday 9 october 2022

Monday 10 october 2022

Tuesday 11 october 2022

Wednesday 12 october 2022

  • Team arrivals
  • 21.30 h Party in the
    bar-bowling of Marveld with
    live music and disco
  • Team arrivals
  • 16.30 h Official opening & banquet for delegation leaders team captains and other invited guests.
  • 20.00 h. opening ceremony + teams presentation in the picker hall in Eibergen. All teams have to be present in the hall 2 at 19.30h. The hall is open from 18.30h onwards
  • 21.30 h. openings party with live music on Marveld. After 02.30h disco party in the cellar-bar on Marveld.
  • Start of the tournament with group matches.
  • 21.30 h Theme party in the main hall with live music. After 02.30h disco party the cellar-bar on Marveld.
  • Group matches
  • 21.30 h Party with live music in the main hall on marveld. After 02.30h disco party the cellar-bar on Marveld.

Thursday 13 october 2021

Friday 14 october 2022

  • Start final matches for the remaining men’s, men‘s 35+ teams and women’s teams.
  • Closing-ceremony
  • 21.30 h Final party with live music in the main hall on Marveld. After 02.30h disco party the cellar-bar on Marveld.
  • Team departures
    IMPORTANT: Leaving your accommodation on Friday before 10.00 h
    The WPIST organization expects all teams to leave the bungalows in a satisfactory manner.

    • No rubbish should be left in the rooms but placed in the available plastic bags!
    • Please ensure that the kitchen has been left clean and all items are left clean.
    • We ask kindly that you do not leave extra work for the cleaners.
    • Any extra cleaning required will be charged to you and your team. Please ensure that you leave the accommodation to the same standard that you checked in.
Tournament schedule:  You will receive the tournament schedule upon your arrival in Groenlo